Collinwood Dual: ‘Unbroken’

unbroken – laura hillenb part 1

unbroken – laura hillenb part 2

I meant for this to be a 20-page, read it overnight, and we can talk about next class assignment. I had to share more about this guy’s story…and more…and more. This is pure storytelling, capturing a moment through the eyes of one man. It became a much bigger assignment.

I’m taking out an essay I had planned to assign because I don’t think you forget this story. I also think you will want to know what I have left out of Louie’s story.

ASSIGNMENT: Critical review of Laura Hillenbrand’s “Unbroken”


  • 3-4 pages written, 1,000-1,500 words typed
  • The beginning of the review should be engaging, clever, and give me (the reader) a reason for wanting to stay on your article. Consider a retelling of a particularly memorable piece from the excerpt.
  • The beginning should also include a brief summary of what the book is about. This will be expanded on later in the article.
  • Lastly, the beginning should give me your overall impression of the excerpt. This is where you will establish the successes (if there are any) and shortcomings (likewise) of the book. You will expand on these later in the article.
  • Synopsis: Your summary of excerpt should be about 1-2 pages. Don’t give me five sentences or five pages.
  • Critique: What does the book do well? What was your favorite part? What didn’t work for you? What do you feel is missing from the excerpts? Are there things not included that you would like to know? What there anything that could have been left out? If the book didn’t work for you, tell the reader why. Point out the faults and suggest what could have made it work. USE THE EXCERPT TO REINFORCE WHAT YOU SAY.



WG: How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything

Part 1: The Bare Arctic – How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything

  1. Looking at the article and charts, how have temperatures in the Arctic changed in the last 30 years?
  2. How does less ice make more heat? (This is the section above the total area chart)
  3. What does the article mean ways the sea ice loss is Putin’s gain?

Part 2: The Political Arctic: How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything

  1. How many people actually live in the Arctic? What is the largest nationality?
  2. What does Russia stand to gain in the Arctic?
  3. What are EEZ’s?
  4. Look at the animation on “Claimable Land.” Which countries have made claims on the North Pole. Why would these countries want to expand their territorial claims in the region?
  5. Looking at the map of the Arctic military bases, how do the countries compare