WG: Oil, gas drilling in Okla. causes earthquakes


Hydraulic Fracturing “Fracking” Explained

This is a basic explainer from the BBC (2015). From this I want you use this to explain what fracking is, its advantages, and why it’s controversial.

The story layout is question/answer. It should be pretty easy to follow.

Earthquakes in Okla. attributed to oil, gas drilling



Collinwood Dual: Triangle Fire

I decided to forgo a deep-dive into the section of the course that could be called life-was-miserable-for-everyone-not-named-John D. Rockefeller section of class. I’m just tired of looking at the hardship of this period. It was profound and pervasive in American society. We defeated night, harnessed electricity, found ways to move faster than the speed of horses, and constructed the most amazing department stores that rivaled the palace of Versailles. I’m trying to be more positive.

With that said, what happened at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory must never be forgotten. What happened is emblematic of the entire period. Understanding this event leads to understanding the period.

Assignment: In approximately 500 words, give me your impressions of the documentary and what it says about the period.


Collinwood: ‘American Lion’ Excerpts

I have attached two excerpts from Jon Meecham’s Andrew Jackson biography, “American Lion.” The first about Jackson’s childhood. This is relevant considering we are going to talk about Jackson as a transformative figure in American politics. It’s a childhood far removed from comfort and privilege. The second is about Jackson and Indian policy.

We will be looking at these in small groups next week. I will be giving you discussion questions relating to the material.

American Lion

my white and red children