Month: March 2011

El Nino in 200 words

Use the following website and anything else you can dig up in 30 minutes to write a short, thorough, and informative summary on the causes and effects of el nino. Must be in paragraph form with complete sentences.

Tip: write it in Word. Then do a copy and paste.



Japan Tsunami info gathering

Big earthquake hit Japan. That’s about the extinct of what I know. I want you to create a post that gives as much information as possible in about 200 words (new brief length). Should be complete sentences, as if some attractive person would be reading it off a teleprompter. (some video if you want to see)

Google news

Yahoo news

ABC news


102 Minutes assignment

You were young (5-7) when the planes hit the World Trade Center. the reaction and memories you have are more history and real life. This means your recollection of that day and the year or so afterward is a bit fuzzy. But we can still use those memories and or video to discuss terrorism.

Write on the following questions. When you’re finish, go back and read some other posts and make comments on two.

1. Did the footage from the video show you anything about the day that you didn’t know?

2. What is your reaction to images from ‘102 minutes?’ Does this event cause real emotion for you or is it something similar to how you would feel about watching a tragedy like you would read about in a history book?

3. What was the most powerful image from the film? Describe it and why you chose that.

4. Write about what you remember about the days and weeks following 9/11. How did your parents handle it? Was it something you discussed? Talk to them about it now and write about it.

5. There have been lots of restrictions put on flying. One of the most controversial being full-body scanners and worries about these images being stored or leaking out. Is this too much?

6. Government has been given an enormous amount of power when it comes to spying on phone calls, emails, and all communication of US citizens? What rules, if any, should be in place to limit this power? How do you think this could be abused?

7. Why do you think we haven’t had another attack since 9/11? Have we been lucky or has the government gotten better at stopping attacks? Do you think you will see another attack? Which of the tactics described in the book do you considered the worst possible thing that could happen in the US?

8. There were tons of flags after 9/11. Flags everywhere. Why so? And do you see any point in these displays?

9. There were examples of US supporting terrorist-like groups in the past? Is that right? Should we ever consider supporting groups that are attacking their government, like the people fighting the Libyan government today?