Month: April 2011

60 Minutes: Dubai Inc.

We just finished watching the 60 minutes piece on this ultra rich emirate. In about 200-300 words provide a summary of what you saw. Be sure to include whether this changes your image of Middle East in any way.


Blogging Through Europe

Blogging and Backpacking your way through Europe


Goal: The purpose of the following activity is to give students exposure to the historical landmarks, landforms, and culture of Western Europe and the Mediterranean. In addition seeing what the continent has to offer, student will have to budget money and time, with priority being given to those who can see the most and spend the least. The activity is also designed to make use of the technology available for research on locations, travel costs and accommodations, as well as reporting on the students’ fictional daily travels through a blog.

Helpful Websites

Your Blog: This is where you will post all of the information and pictures about your trip. Used for booking train tickets across Europe the most affordable – and low-end – way to see Europe My Website for instruction on completing the assignment Just look at the name…that says it hotels and in case you choose to fly to a destination excellent high resolution photos currency converter for keeping track of spending



Map:                              The map will be used mark the locations which you visit. You will need to plan out the shortest trip possible.

Calendar:                      Use the calendar to keep track of your trip. Put what you will be doing each day and where you will be going.

Laptop:                         Finding locations, pictures, making travel arrangements, and entering your activities on the daily blog

Textbook:                     The textbook will be used for providing basic information about the country’s physical features, people, and culture



  • You are beginning your tour of Europe in New York. From here you will have to book a plane ticket to the first destination
  • I’m giving you a list of phrases/clues that link to places you have to go and events you have to see. You must use the internet to find the locations. (Disclaimer: It would be impossible to actually experience this vacation. The dates of certain events don’t match up.)
  • For each location you will have to provide a picture and information about the event/site on your blog, plus where you stayed and how much it cost to get there.
  • After you find the locations you will have to plan out how you will get to the site. This will involve booking train tickets and hotels or hostels
  • Each location will be a separate blog entry.


Rules of travel

  • You have 2 weeks. You will not get to all of the places. BE SELECTIVE in where you go.
  • If you have lots of different sites to visit in the same country, only 3 can be seen in one day. Anymore than that means a night
  • Each site requires 3 hours of touristy activities…touristy is a real word.
  • You can’t visit sites in the middle of the night. Most likely you would be arrested. Jail is not on the list of places to visit.
  • There has to be time continuity. By this I mean you can’t board a train bound for Paris at 3 p.m., spend six hours onboard, and then go visit the Eiffel Tower at 4 p.m.


Example of the typical blog post

“It’s Thursday at around 8 p.m. I just got off a plane in London. Spent just over $1,500 on a plane ticket. My first stop on this tour of European is the great city centers of Europe, Trafalgar Square. The name comes from a British victory over France during the Napoleonic war.  Saw the four lions that guard the center. Not real. Kind of disappointed. Gorgeous fountains that were lit with LED lights.”



  1. Go to the genesis of golf, the links where the road-hole bunker is waiting
  2. Take the Tube to find a beefeater, with whom you can share a steak
  3. Visit the pitch of Rooney and the Red Devils
  4. Find a famous Abbey on the streets London
  5. Visit the palatial estate of a French king who gave his head to the revolution
  6. See the largest timekeeper in London
  7. Take the long walk in the county of Berkshire to a weekend home of the royalty
  8. Find the structure that was “stormed” on Independence Day – French style
  9. Take a ride on this staple of the county fair that found a home in England’s population center
  10. Go to the gate that was once part of the wall that, for 50 years, divided the world
  11. Visit the beaches of Omaha, where the end of Hitler’s reign began
  12. Find the pyramid of France that holds De Vinci’s most famous work
  13. Take part in the event that provides meaning to the phrase, “mess with the bull and you get the horns.”
  14. See the arc that marks Charles De Gaulle’s place
  15. Kiss a stone for good luck…well not just any stone, be selective
  16. Crash the wedding site of William and the lovely Kate; just say you’re an old college friend
  17. Go to the city within a city that provided the backdrop for “Angels & Demons”
  18. See the stones and concoct an origin story worthy of internet rumor
  19. Was a good way to attract people to into the 1889 World’s Fair
  20. See the French cathedral that shares it name with a once-great football power from South Bend
  21. Blame bad construction and poor planning for this famous Italian landmark
  22. The gondola ride is mandatory when visiting this city of 117 islands
  23. One of the best places to watch gladiators fight to the death… great site lines, no bad seats
  24. See the ceiling where the hand of God touched man
  25. Book a walking tour and see the sites of London’s most famous serial killer
  26. See the two towers that span the Thames
  27. Go to the beach in the ideal tourist climate (going to be expensive)
  28. Find a place to use a pair of skis
  29. Go to the city that is home to almost every international body imaginable, nice waffles too
  30. See Argentina’s finest footballer play for this former Olympic city
  31. Take a tour of the place the Queen calls home
  32. One of Nashville’s most noted landmarks shares its name with the original in Athens, Greece…the latter is more highly regarded








Touring Latin America

Ch. 10, 11, 12 Internet activity

You will be doing research on the Central American country you chose. First, go to

Select your country in the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

  1. When did your country first gain its independence? And from whom? (If not in the background, look under government)
  2. Find the population density. Answer will be in kilometers. (To do this, divide the population by the total area)
  3. This country is comparable in size to which U.S. state?
  4. Describe the climate.
  5. What are the birth and death rates for the country? In which of the three development stages would you put this country? Pg. 92 textbook.
  6. Look at net migration rate. Are people moving to or from this country?
  7. What is the country’s literacy rate?
  8. What is the country’s ethnic makeup?
  9. Write a brief summary of the country’s economy.
  10. What is the country’s GDP per capita?
  11. Give me the percentages of employment by sector (ex. Industry, agriculture, etc..)
  12. What is the percentage of people living below the poverty line?
  13. How much oil does your country produce and use in a day? (bbl/day stands for barrels per day) Does this make the country a net importer or exporter of oil?
  14. What are some of the country’s main exports?
  15. What are some of the country’s main imports?
  16. How much of the country’s money would a five-dollar bill get you?
  17. What is the percentage of people using the Internet in this country?

Now do wikipedia search on your country

  1. Create a timeline with at least seven events key in the country’s history.
  2. There will be a blue box on the right-hand side of the page. What kind of government does the country have? After you have the type, do a search in wikipedia for a description of this government. Briefly explain it.
  3. Describe 3 tourist attractions in this country.

Now go to Google and click on “maps” at the top

  1. Find 10 pictures of your country. They can be pictures of landscapes, landmarks, cultural events or festivals, tourist attractions anything that describes your country.  (you can also just do a general search for pictures)

Now go to the National Geographic Magazine site to see if anything has bee written about your country in the last 5 years.

1. Do a search for your country or cities in the country. Post a link to the article in your word file and. Give about three or sentences on what the article is about.

Now go to a travel site

  1. Find out what it would cost to travel to this country (including airfare and accommodations)