Month: May 2011

Southeast Asia PowerPoint

The Southeast Asia PowerPoint

I’m asking you to use the information that we have covered on China, Japan, and Korea, as well as the information on Shanghai, to create a PowerPoint that explains our last week of class.

The PowerPoint can be broken down similar to the sections covered in the book. This is the best outline that I have come up with. Please add to this and don’t slavishly stick to it. Merely a guide

  1. Physical
    1. Natural landforms
    2. Climates and climatic influences
    3. Tectonic activity
    4. Resources, farming, and food supply
  2. History
    1. Early (before European arrival)
      1.     Dynasties and emperors
      2.  Japan before Perry’s arrival
    2. Recent
      1.    European arrival and influence
      2.   China’s civil war
      3.  Communist China (Mao)
      4. Tiananmen Square protests
      5. Japan and Korea
        1. During WWII
        2. Post-WWII period
  3. Present
    1. China after Mao
    2. Development of modern economy (Shanghai)
      1. See what you can do with this site:
    3. Issues/Challenges China faces
    4. Losing jobs to US (see news story)
      1. And this:
    5. Tsunami

15-20 slides
Maps (physical, political, map shows some piece of info)
Pictures of regions (mts., rivers, rice fields)
Photos in history section (here are some possible photos)
• Great Wall
• Forbidden City
• Mongol Invasion
• Mao
• Chiang Kai-shek
• Boxer Rebellion
• Great Leap
• Map of Japan’s conquests pre-WWII
• Tiananmen Square
• Korean War
• Atomic Bomb
• Japan battle flag
Photos in recent section (examples)
• Modern skylines
• Poverty
• Pollution in cities
• High speed rail
• Beijing Olympics
• Japan Earthquake

for pictures use the following