Google Street scavenger hunt

We will be using the Google street view function of Google Maps to complete a scavenger hunt.

After you locate each place, I want you to use the PrtSc button on the laptops to take a picture of the place. Then paste this picture into a Word document. (You will want to resize these by pulling in from one of the corners). Click below each photo and type in a label.

After you find all of the locations, its time plan how you would drive to each of these places. Using Google Maps give me the basic directions, mileage, and time. DON’T USE THE DIRECTIONS IT GIVES YOU. WAY TO DETAILED. JUST ZOOM IN AN FOLLOW THE ROADS.

Ex. Memphis to Montgomery, AL: Take I22 south to Birmingham, get on I65 south.

Find the following places (your locations will be different from everyone else)

1. A place that you have been.

2. A sports stadium you want to visit or have been to

3. A location featured in a movie you have seen

4. Your favorite fast food restaurant in a state you would like to visit

5. A historic landmark

6. Photo from a beach vacation spot you have been to or would like to visit

7. A tourist attraction in New York City

8. A famous bridge in the U.S.


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