Month: September 2011

Founding Brothers Quiz # 4 Due Oct. 5

Founding Brothers: The Farewell Quiz #4

This section of Ellis’ book looks at the most significant presidency in our nation’s history. Through will, character, and people’s complete faith in him and him alone, Washington was able to hold our fledgling union together. History didn’t make Washington a larger-than-life, marble figure. He was that in his own time.

Below is a list of questions that I want you to take some time with and answer COMPLETELY. Not asking for an essay on each, but don’t give me a sentence and think, “Oh I totally killed that. Now I can go back to watching ‘Glee,’ or some other show were cast is dancing or full of vampires.” Do a good job. Trust me, the show will still be dragging out the same storyline it has for the last three years.


  1. Explain the significance of Washington’s decision to step down from power, a second time no less. What were his reasons, including the public, private, and political?
  2. Jay’s Treaty was first in a series of uproars, if you were college students I would use the proper term, of the early republic. Tell me why it’s considered a “landmark in the shaping of American foreign policy?” Explain the controversy/issues surrounding the treaty including the opinions of the parties, Jefferson, Madison, and the majority of Americans.
  3. One of the things that came out of this chapter is that Jefferson and Washington have a falling out. What caused this to happen? Who do you blame? And describe some of the charges that are leveled against Washington from Jefferson and the Republican newspaper the Aurora? Whose side are you on?
  4. What did Thomas Paine say about Washington that amounted to political suicide? Hope you know what political suicide is.
  5. Setting aside the Gettysburg Address, no president has given a more notable speech. What were the three main themes of Washington’s Farewell Address?
  6. Washington and Jefferson had little in common. Their handling of slavery and Indians is an example. Tell me what you learned about either from this chapter, especially Washington

UNA HI 201: Mid-term Essay

I wanted to go ahead and give you the information for one of the essays you will be writing on the Mid-Term. It’s still a ways off, but better early than late.  Below is the question.

By its very nature revolution is wholesale change, an overthrowing of the old regime, its values and customs. Revolution brings about radical new opportunities and freedoms, new ideas, and new governments. Many have argued that the American Revolution was more about preserving the status quo. Using the handouts and your knowledge of the material, support the idea that the revolution was either a true revolution that brought major changes or attempt to preserve the present that did little or nothing for average whites, women, blacks, and Indians.

I have attached a .pdf file entitled “Social Change by Revolution” and a short article on how revolutionary the Revolutionary War was. Please use these for preparing the essay.

social changes by revolution

UNA HI201 ‘John Adams’ Discussion Board: Join or Die

There has been a concerted effort on the part of several historians to rescue the reputation of John Adams from an afterthought of the Revolutionary Era and put him in his rightful place as one of the most important figures in the creation of great republic. The book ‘Founding Brothers’ and the book this series is based off of have done a lot to reposition Mr. Adams.

Consider the following questions about tonight’s episode: Join or Die

1. What do you see as Adams’ strengths and weaknesses?

2. What words would you use to characterize his personilty?

3. Which scenes shed the most light on his views and values?

4. In Part 1 of the miniseries, Adams agrees to defend British soldiers accused of firing at colonists during the Boston Massacre. Why does Adams make this controversial decision? What is the outcome of the case? What price does Adams pay for this decision? Do you see a contradiction between Adams’s identity as an American patriot and his role as a defender of British soldiers? Explain.

5. The tarring and feathering of the customs agent is clearly the most eye-catching scene. Do a little research to see how common this was and if the major characters like Sam Adams and John Hancock had anything to do with this.

6. The problem with drama set in the past is that it becomes stuffy, like a powdered wig and a lot of thous. Give me a general sense of what you thought about the episode and if you would like to see where this is headed.

7. What do you make of the relationship between John and Abigal? So much has been written about her. Tell me your imprssions. What about his and Sam Adams relationship as portrayed?

Founding Brothers quiz #3 “The Silence”

The founding fathers knew slavery was the core question with the potential to rip the country apart. During the years following the adoption of the Constitution, the abolition movement was alive and well. Several northern states had either abolished slavery or started down the road of gradual emancipation.  This chapter details a debate within Congress where it was decided that the federal government not touch the issue until 1808.

Here are some questions to consider for this section. The one with the * is required. Choose one from the other three.

1. Describe some of the things mentioned in the chapter that made the abolition of slavery highly unlikely at this time.

2. Explain the results of the 1790 census, what showed in terms of slavery, the development of the country, and the directions the north and south were headed.

3. Explain the significance of the chapters title

* This was a pivotal moment in the young republic’s history. The decision to punt the issue of slavery to another generation has ramifications that can be felt for more than a hundred years later. Why did a country built on the Declaration of Independence allow slavery to continue. Was it the right decision knowing what was at stake then and what would happen some 50 years later? If not, what do you should have been done? What do you think would have changed if this moment had been different? Speculation Time!