The Peggy Eaton Affair…the perfect combination of wit and flirt

I have posted a link to an article for you to read about my second favorite scandals in American political history.  (John Edwards you will always be my fav.) Like almost all political scandals, there is a young woman at the center. Peggy O’Neale takes up with longtime Jackson associate John Eaton. If Jackson had an entourage, Eaton would be his #2. That is important for understanding how Jackson handles the situation.

I encourage you to read more about the event. It will be a part of the final. How can you not love an event with: (a) a girl who is the modern-day equivalent of the attractive bartender working her way through law school, (b) a mysterious death at sea, and (c) a bunch of stuffy ‘real housewife’ types shunning the new girl because of her background?


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