Month: December 2011

AP History Mid-Term Results

Most of you did extremely well on the midterm. The seemed to be one in which most of you felt right at home. We will need to work on a couple of things next semester with free response writing:
clearly getting across what will be covered
transition sentences between ideas
closings that tie it all together but do so in a way that doesn’t feel completely repeated.

Enjoy the break.

P.S. Girls rejoice, we’re reading ‘The Help’ and comparing it to an except from ‘coming of age in Mississippi.’

Guys, there will be a companion assignment with a Jeff Shaara novel and an except from John Keegan’s “World War II”


AP History Mid-Term Review

AP History Mid-Term Review

Obviously there is no way all of these terms will be on the mid-term. You already have the breakdown for the test. Start by seeing what you know from the list. Then start looking through the course materials before Monday.

Put in some time. You will do great.

Final exam essay

Explain how technology made the civil war the first modern war. Be sure to include discussion of it’s role in fighting, transportation, communication, medical care, the public’s knowledge of the war, and burying the dead.

This has to be in essay form with a clear thesis stating what made this a modern war.

50% of final

UNA HI201: Civil War Assignment 40pts. Due 12/8

Gettysburg, Pa. Robert Lee Hodge, Jerry Hornbaker and Tim Cole advance through the Gettysburg Cemetery. The Comfort Suites was recently built on the battlefield just a few feet from the graves.

I wanted to make this worth your while and give students a change to bolster their grades. Take care answering the questions. The subject matter will reappear on the Final Exam.

Use CH. 17 in the textbook to answer the following:

  1. Lincoln reportedly said, “I hope to have God on my side, but I have to have Kentucky.”  Why were the border-states so important and to what lengths did Lincoln go to keep them in the Union?
  2.  Describe each sides ability to raise an army, any hostility to drafts, and how being rich and getting out of the war was one of the things the North and South had in common.
  3. Describe U.S. Grant’s checkered past and his inglorious start to the war at Shiloh
  4. Lincoln is often described as a dictator during this war. Describe some of the examples that support this notion.
  5. Neither Lincoln nor Davis had it easy as a president of half of a country. What were some of the political troubles each faced?
  6. What role did religion play in the war?
  7. Describe Lincoln’s motivation for Emancipation, how it was received in the border states, and what it said about the war’s aims.
  8. “War is war…not a popularity contest.” How did Sherman’s march typify this?
  9. What was uniquely modern about the war?

Use the following article to answer the following,9171,2063869-1,00.html

1. Why do you think there is still so much debate/confusion/refusal to admit the cause of the Civil War?

2. Using the ‘bloody Kansas’ section of the article, why does the west seem like a necessary ingredient, without which there might not have been a fight?

3. What do you think is meant by ‘fogging the memory’ of the war?