AP History

Choose three of the following to answer in solid paragraphs. Use today’s video: America the story of US: Heartland

The Transcontinental Railroad: paying for it, problems and dangers with the land and construction of the railroad, and the groups who built it.

Describe the life of plains settlers including where they lived, how they got the land, and the hardships of life in the middle.

How did the use of the buffalo symbolize the differences between settlers and Plains Indians

The American Cowboy: where did they come from, what did they do, and what do you recall about this section of the video?

Barbed wire. Why was it so important and conflict it created?

Describe the Indian problem and the reservation system. How did gold create conflict? What were some of the major battles, what tribes are mentioned and what military leaders?

Who was Richard Sears and how was his success made possible by the time period and technology?


One comment

  1. 1. The Buffalo situation really showed the differences between the settlers and the Indians. Up until that time, the Indians had used the Buffalo for everything, from housing to clothing. Once the settlers began to move in, they started killing the buffalos in large numbers. They killed them for the hide to send to factories. After a while, like the Indians, the buffalo population began to thin out.
    2. This part of the video was my favorite. The cowboys were a group of men in the Texas area who raised cattle for slaughter. Being a cowboy was extremely tough work. They had to keep up with the cattle and protect them from cattle rustlers since cows were expensive. One of the main things the men did was take the cows along a cattle drive from Texas to Kansas. The cowboys only lasted a few decades, but they will forever be in our hearts.
    3. Not all inventions have to be grand. Take barbed wire. It was created by a man who wanted to keep the cattle from the catfke drive off his property. Barbed wire was highly effective and cost less than fencing. With taming the wide West came problems. Since land was now closed off, cattle drives became a thing of the past since the cows could not comeplete their journey.

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