AP History: Key Points Ch. 26: The Great West and Agricultural Revolution

I wanted to make this short and to the point. We have lingered in the post-Civil War period long enough. Instead of giving you 3 questions with paragraphs attached to them, I have decided to give you a statement that describes the west during this time and have you find IDs that build on the statement.

The American west of the post-Civil War was a land almost entirely detached from from the money changers and top hat wearing robber barons of the east coast; Indian wars, cow towns, and ‘Helldorado’ mining towns show a world whose only real connection to the east was the hatred banks and railroads among farmers and Bryan’s populist campaign.

Choose 10 events, places, or people that fit with this sentence and chapter. Post your 10.





  1. Here are my ID’s 🙂

    1.The Fetterman Massacre
    2.The Battle of Little Bighorn
    3.The Dawes Act
    4.The Long Drive
    5.The Homestead Act: Why was it a fraud?
    6.Mechanization of Agriculture
    7.The Grange and the Grangers
    8.The Populist Party
    9.Jacob S. Coxey
    10.McKinley’s Election

  2. 1. Battle of Little Big Horn
    2. Homestead Act
    3. Nez Perće Indian War
    4. Dawes Severalty Act
    5.Mining Industry (big business)
    6. Great western inventions (barbed wire, large-scaled irrigation)
    7. Mary Elizabeth Lease
    8. William Jennings Bryan
    9. Farmers’ Alliance
    10. Dingley Tariff Act

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