Month: February 2012

UNA HI202 Midterm Study Guide

This is seriously detailed. There should be no grade below a 90…unless you never read this and don’t study. Then you will probably do poorly.

UNA HI202 Midterm Review


UNA HI202 Discussion Board #3

Due March 4 before midnight

The following questions correspond with chapter 25: America and the Great War, both other textbooks can be used to get the same information. Answer these questions in short paragraphs.

1. Why did a dispute between Austria-Hungary and the Bosnia region escalate into a war that included most of Europe and Russia?

2. The U.S. wanted no part of this European conflict but was eventually forced to act. Why?

3. How did the Great War in Europe impact the lives of young men, women, Hispanics, and blacks?

4. Explain the major points of Wilson’s plan for peace, including the League of Nations and why the U.S. failed to ratify the peace treaty

5. One of the themes of our 1920s lecture was that the decade was a reaction to anxiety and fear of events of the previous decade. Describe the events outlined in this chapter that could have been responsible for generating this response in America.

AP History: ‘They Call Themselves…’ review


Times New Roman 10-12 pt.

Standard 1″ margins

Citation (pg. number for book)

listing at the bottom for any addition sources

Outline for paper:

Introduction: This should begin with a notable or interesting section from the book, followed by a general description of the book. The ending of the introduction, whether it’s the first or second paragraph doesn’t matter, should be a effectively summarize you thoughts on the piece.

Author information: This should be a shorter section that includes background on the author. You can include her background, other books she has written, and any awards or recognition received.

Outlining the story: The largest section of the paper. Trying to distill a person’s work into several hundred words is some of the hardest writing that can be done. How you do this goes a long way toward illustrated your reading of the book. This can be done in a chapter-by-chapter format, but that gets choppy. My best advice would be to try to come up with some broader categories like:

Ex. time periods, similar events that happen throughout the book, appeal of the Klan at different periods

How the book was received:

Your thoughts on the book: In this section I want you to demonstrate why you’re in an advanced class and not in the regular class have to remember who Sgt. York was. This is your analysis of the book. Some of the things to consider:

What the book does well, especially in the areas of presentation of material, readability, content, choice of information included, and relevance

maintaining balance and a professional tone in the review

Specifics: avoid vague, broad, and unclear criticism or praise.

Citing from the book. Be sure to reference sections you discuss with page #s

Changes that would improve the book or parts that could have been left out in favor of other information

How it adds to your knowledge of the topic.

AP History: Ch. 31-33 essay questions

Choose TWO of the following questions and answer them in essay form. You have to write on #1 or 2 and #3 or 4. Use books, notes, etc. to back up your assertions with FACTS.

1.  Do you think that the 1920s should be most noted as a decade of anxiety and intolerance, hedonism and liberation, or both?  Cite specific features of life in the 1920s to explain your view.

2.  Outline the causes of the great crash of 1929.  Explain how a series of events triggered the hardest times in our history.

3. The text authors conclude that Franklin Roosevelt “was in fact Hamiltonian in his espousal of big government, but Jeffersonian in his concern for the ‘forgotten man.'”

With this as a thesis sentence, write an essay that uses specific parts of the New Deal program to support both halves of your thesis.

4. In many ways the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt can be seen as an extension of the ideas and beliefs of Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressives of an earlier time period. With this as a thesis, write an essay that supports the comparison of FDR’s New Deal and his expansion of the government to TR and the Progressive Movement.

UNA HI202: Discussion Board #2 (Due Feb. 21 11:59 p.m.)

For the second discussion board I have posted links to several articles that fit with the conflicting nature of 1920s America. The 20s is a often noted for good times, lively music, and shorter skirts, but it was also a period of anxiety and repression.

Choose from any of these articles and write a 500-word summary (give or take a few) that relates the article to the theme of repression.

Mae West’s Secret of Success

The Birth of a Nation’ When Hollywood Glorified the KKK

Uneasy about alcohol: American and the booze question

Suffragists storm over Washington

Scopes Trial