UNA HI202 Discussion Board #3

Due March 4 before midnight

The following questions correspond with chapter 25: America and the Great War, both other textbooks can be used to get the same information. Answer these questions in short paragraphs.

1. Why did a dispute between Austria-Hungary and the Bosnia region escalate into a war that included most of Europe and Russia?

2. The U.S. wanted no part of this European conflict but was eventually forced to act. Why?

3. How did the Great War in Europe impact the lives of young men, women, Hispanics, and blacks?

4. Explain the major points of Wilson’s plan for peace, including the League of Nations and why the U.S. failed to ratify the peace treaty

5. One of the themes of our 1920s lecture was that the decade was a reaction to anxiety and fear of events of the previous decade. Describe the events outlined in this chapter that could have been responsible for generating this response in America.


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