Month: August 2012

AP: Great Awakening reading

Below are links to two articles on the Great Awakening. The first describes it as an extremely important event in shaping early American history (everyone feels this way). The second says that it is the product of a false historical narrative that textbooks have over sold (3 people on Earth think this).  Choose whichever you wish. Complete a 500-600 word assignment that effectively summarizes the article and tells how it added to your knowledge.
*Historiography: Everything that has been written about a topic. How it has been interpreted over time.

Great Awakening

No Great Awakening


AP: Ch. 5 test

The chapter five test had to be moved to Tuesday. Be prepared. Once you finish the test, begin work on the great awakening reading assignment that I have posted.

Slave trade
Great awakening
Triangle trade
What different about colonies from England how did this change
Government in colonies
Education in north and south
Common threads
John Peter zenger

UNA HI101: Syllabus & Introduction

Welcome to World Civilizations to 1500. Please take time to look at the syllabus. The course schedule, contact information, due dates, and the weight of each assignments are the critical points.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android device, this website will automatically format to a mobile version that is EXTREMELY convenient and easy to use. You can add a bookmark icon to one of your home screens and handle every online assignment from your phone. Please do.

Here is the HI 101 Syllabus Fall 2012

Ch. 3-4 study guide

*Being able to explain in detail the significance of the following will help you on Monday’s test.

Mass. Bay Colony
Rhode Island
Advantages of early Mass. Bay
New England confederation
King Philip’s War
Middle colonies
Unhealthy Chesapeake
Headright system
Bacon’s rebellion
Differences b/t southern & northern colonies
Halfway convert
Indentured Servants to Slavery
Women in northern and southern colonies
Hutchinson and Williams
Role of Tobacco in Virginia
Middle Colonies

Ch. 3/4 Essays

1. Support the following statement: The events of the Salem Witch Trials were both an expression of the period’s superstition and nervousness about economic changes that were happening in Salem.

2. Is it fair to say that Puritans left England in response to a repressive church that was unwilling to change yet created the same thing in New England? Include discussion of religious toleration, how dissidents were treated, and the role of religion in government and voting.

3. The generation of Virginians who broke from England, secured a revolution and created the great experiment that became our republic were part of an elite group in Virginian society. Write an essay that describes how the “rough equality of poverty and disease” that marked the early settlements gave way to the most stratified society of all the colonies. In this essay you will need to describe the First Families of Virginia, the other social class, and the impact the elite had on the other classes.

Slavery and Making of America DB

Due Sunday @ 11:59 p.m.

Discussion Board Questions

“Slavery and the Making of America: Part 1”

One of the continuing themes in our class will be the struggle of people to achieve the rights and equality that are symbolic of American life. We begin with the origins of slavery in the New World. Provide well-written and thoughtful answer to four of the following questions.

  • Explain the conditions and nature of indentured servants, including why someone would indenture himself? What does this say about the homes they are leaving?
  • Where did first African slaves live in the colonies? What kind of work did they do? And what was “half freedom”?
  • What distinguished the Carolina colonies from other colonies in British North America? Why was Carolina founded? Where did the original colonists come from and why was this important in the future development of the Colony?
  • How did African slaves pass on their culture? How did their culture help to sustain Africans in the Carolinas?
  • Why was slavery in South Carolina considered “an industrial form of slavery”? How did the task system work?
  • Why was a law passed saying the white men must carry guns with them to church? How does this relate to what I told you about fears of slave revolts?
  • How did enslaved Africans resist slavery, especially during harvests? How did enslaved African warriors use their skills to their advantage in the Americas? Describe the failed Stono Rebellion.