AP: Ch. 7&8 Test Writing Portion

Below is the topic you will be writing on for Monday’s test. The study guide will be posted Friday. There are two documents available. USE THEM. Citing them in the essay is REQUIRED. We will talk about it briefly in class. I suggest a visit to the English tutors before or after school.

By its very nature revolution is wholesale change, an overthrowing of the old regime, its values and customs. Revolution brings about radical new opportunities and freedoms, new ideas, and new governments. Many have argued that the American Revolution was more about preserving the status quo. Using the handouts and your knowledge of the material, support the idea that the revolution was either a true revolution that brought major changes or attempt to preserve the present that did little or nothing for average whites, women, blacks, and Indians.

I have attached a .pdf file entitled “Social Change by Revolution” and a short article on how revolutionary the Revolutionary War was. Please use these for preparing the essay.


Revolution And Social Change


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