Study Guide for Chapter 7 & 8 Test

These are some of the things that will be on the ID section. Not everyone of these will be on the test. You will have to answer 10 of them. I will put about 13-15 on the tests for choices.
• Mercantilism
• Hessians
• Stamp Act
• Boston Massacre
• Boston Tea Party
• Virtual Representation
• Blacks and the war
• Thomas Paine
• Model Treaty
• Republicanism
• Privateers
• Hairbuyers
• Yorktown
• American benefits of treaty ending war
• Outlook for Americans at war’s beginning
• Outlook for British at war’s beginning
• Whigs
• Sons of Liberty

Revolution Video
• Baron Von Steuben
• Smallpox
• Rifle technology
• General John Burgoyne
• Daniel Morgan
• Revolutionary tactics of rebels fighting Burgoyne


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