AP: Teaching Assignment

One of my favorite weeks of class. Put it up there with talk of OJ and “The Real World” and 1968. You will be doing the instruction for Chapter 11 and parts of 12. I’m asking you and your partner(s) to put together a short presentation/lesson on one of the following topics. How you choose to cover it: (notes, PowerPoint, Prezi, handouts, whiteboard) is up to the group.

Here are the topics. First come, first serve.

1. Tecumseh and Indian relations during 1812

2. Mr. Madison’s War: Justification for the War of 1812 and the division and treason the war created in the U.S.,

3. The major battle of the war: Canada, DC, New Orleans, and the futility of this war, as evidenced in the treaty that ended it.

4. The irrelevance of the war in the eyes of the world and its importance to the U.S.

5. The new spirit of nationalism as seen in Henry Clay and the American System

6. The role of the west in furthering the sectional divide and the compromise that only stalled division.

7. The significance of the Marshall Court in promoting nationalism and federal power. Relevant cases included.

8. The early days of General Jackson: Horseshoe Bend, New Orleans, Florida

9. The Monroe Doctrine and American Isolationism

10. Explain Jackson’s hatred of the Bank and the power struggle it incited.

11. Describe the Whig Party, stressing its origin as a collection of Jackson haters.


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