Month: November 2012

AP topics for ch. 17-19 test

Choose between one of the following essay topics. NOTE: no notes will be allowed on the essay.

Analyze the extent to which territorial expansion, misunderstanding, and the rise of a political coalition outside of the south created a growing sectional divide in the decades prior to the Civil War.

To what extent is it accurate to say that the actions of Stephen A. Douglas and what transpired in Kansas represent the opening act of the Civil War?

Explain the following statement: the period of 1820-1860 was a time when the federal government took a number of steps to pacify the South and help ensure a way of life that forces of modernization, immigration, and development were making extinct.

How does the southern reaction to Lincoln’s election reflect the misunderstanding of northern sentiments that had existed in the south for almost a generation?


AP History: “Killing Lincoln” Book Review

Due: Monday December 17


Length: 4-6 typed pages

Times New Roman 10-12 pt.

Standard 1″ margins

Citation (pg. number for book)

listing at the bottom for any addition sources

Outline for paper:

Introduction: This should begin with a notable or interesting section from the book, followed by a general description of the book. The ending of the introduction, whether it’s the first or second paragraph doesn’t matter, should be a effectively summarize you thoughts on the piece.

Author information: This should be a shorter section that includes background on the author. You can include her background, other books she has written, and any awards or recognition received.

Outlining the story: The largest section of the paper. Trying to distill a person’s work into several hundred words is some of the hardest writing that can be done. How you do this goes a long way toward illustrated your reading of the book. This can be done in a chapter-by-chapter format, but that gets choppy. My best advice would be to try to come up with some broader categories like:

  • Ex. Covering sections of the book: The end of the Civil War, The months prior to Lincoln’s death, The day of the assassination, the hunt for Booth.
  • OR a look at each of the major figures in the book, how they are covered, their actions, and personalities. People like Lincoln, Booth, Mary Todd, Bodyguards, Conspirators

How the book was received:

Your thoughts on the book: In this section I want you to demonstrate why you’re in an advanced class and not in the regular class having to remember who Sgt. York was. This is your analysis of the book. Some of the things to consider:

What the book does well, especially in the areas of presentation of material, readability, content, choice of information included, and relevance

maintaining balance and a professional tone in the review

Specifics: avoid vague, broad, and unclear criticism or praise.

Citing from the book. Be sure to reference sections you discuss with page #s

Changes that would improve the book or parts that could have been left out in favor of other information

How it adds to your knowledge of the topic.