Month: January 2013

AP: Muckracking reading (Due Wed. Feb. 6)


Below are three major pieces of muckraking journalism from the Progressive period. Choose TWO of the articles and write a short summary (250-300 words) about each.

*Tell me how you might be able to use these in essays on the period.*

Muckraking – Ida Tarbell

Muckraking – Lincoln Stevensl

Muckraking – the jungle


AP: Reading Notes Chapter 26

Below is a list of the main points from the last section on the u.s. post civil war: the American west. A lot has already been discussed already. Some of these are on the list of commonly appearing AP items. Take brief notes on the reading that follows the topics listed below.


Indian wars: poverty and hardship of reservations, buffalo soldiers, sand creek, Custer, the Sioux, the Nez Perce and Apache

A century of dishonor

The Dawes Act

Mining: pike’s peak, comstock load, helldorados, boom and bust

The long drive

The homestead act: most actually bought land, fraud, sodbusters, great American desert,

Closing of the frontier: Frederick Jackson Turner, frontier safety valve theory,

The Grange: pg. 615

Coxey’s army

The Pullman strike

The William Jennings Bryan / populist / gold-silver / no cross of gold / 1896 election

Am. Gov. Current Events 1-18-13

For each of the following news stories, please write a short paragraph (about a half page) that includes the basic information you got from the article. The first is an article about changes some states want to make with how their electoral college votes are counted. The second is on the myths of the Boston Tea Party–election.html