Am. Gov. Current Events 1-10

Choose one of the following articles and answer the questions that go along with the article. Please place your answers in a comment on the site.

Bonds, Clemens snubbed by Baseball hall of fame in steroids-era rebuke

1. Do you agree that the vote against Bonds and Clemens was a “condemnation of the steroids-tainted period in which they played the game”? If voters want to condemn a whole era, can they vote to induct anyone who played during the era? Explain.

2. For most players from the 1990s, can we determine for certain whether they used steroids? Can we know this for sure for players today? Can we know about players before the “steroid era”? Why or why not?

3. What does it mean for a player to be worthy of the Hall of Fame?

4. Are voters rejecting the morality of steroid use, or are they concluding that players wouldn’t have put up Hall of Fame numbers without using steroids? How can you tell?

5. What is the purpose of a Hall of Fame ballot? Should Hall of Fame voters use their ballots to make a moral statement? Why would they want to do this?

6. “[T]heir numbers offer indisputable evidence they were among the best to ever play.” Do steroids taint their numbers, or make them less meaningful? Why or why not?

7. When a voter evaluates a Hall of Fame candidate suspected of using steroids, does it matter whether steroids are shown to actually improve performance?

8. If it is true that most players from the 1990s used steroids, did a steroid user from the era really have an unfair advantage?

9. Would Barry Bonds be a Hall of Fame level player if he had not used steroids? If so, should steroids keep him out of the Hall? Why or why not?

Texas School Can Force Teenager to Wear Locator Chip: Judge

1. What did a judge decide?

2. Why did the judge get to decide this?

3. Since Andrea Hernandez has other public schools she could go to that do not use RFID, does this make the surveillance okay in the magnet school? Explain.

4. If the magnet school has the right to use this surveillance, what would stop other schools from doing so?

5. Would you wear a chip if your school required it? Would the policy bother you? What if an employer required such ID chips?

6. What is Jay High School’s goal in using RFID chips? Will it achieve this goal? How else could the school accomplish this goal?

7. How do you think opponents could have argued the ID requirement was unconstitutional? What more information could the article have given?

8. If it is constitutional for the school to use RFID, does that mean it is okay? If it is a bad idea, does that mean it is unconstitutional? Explain.

9. Why do liberal groups object to the school’s policy? What is a liberal group that opposes it? Why do conservatives oppose the policy? What is a conservative group that opposes it? Is there any difference between liberals’ and conservatives’ reasons for opposing the ID?


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