Month: February 2013

AP: Reading Notes


AP: “Killing Kennedy” book review

This is a book review that I wouldn’t recommend writing in a chronological fashion, mainly because the story is familiar and doesn’t distinguish the book from hundreds that have said the same thing.

The paper can begin with a brief overview of the book and address what you saw as the strengths and weaknesses of the book. The body of the review can take one of three forms

Look at what is happening inside and outside the White House. By this I mean how are JFK and others dealing with the major events of the early 1960s, the internal conflicts and crisis, JFK and Jackie’s personal life. By outside I mean Oswald, the events in Birmingham, Vietnam, etc.

Look at the major figures from the book. Describe their lives, what you learned about them, how they fit into the story of the Kennedy years. What surprises you about them? Who is treated unfairly, who gets favored? Do the authors give us an idea of who they liked from the period?

The personal and the public. This is a book that moves between private moments and major events. Talk about each and discuss how they overlap.

No matter how you choose to write the review. It has to reflect your thoughts on the book. Details and subject, not good or bad

AP: Reading Notes on Great Depression

Teapot Dome Scandal: cartoon

President Harding, Ohio Gang, Scandals (especially Teapot Dome) pg. 746, 751-752

Business first: Supreme Court’s reversals, the new laissez-faire, trade unions pg. 747-748

The American Legion and veteran’s benefits pg. 748

Foreign Affairs: U.S ditches League of Nations, Washington Conference, point of the treaties between European countries, US, and Japan, Kellogg-Briand Pact pg. 750

The high tariffs of the 20s: why manufacturers wanted them and the consequences for Europe pg. 751

Am. Gov. Media Bias

Go to the website linked at the end of this section. Describe each of the media biases covered on the site. Sentence or two should work. Include in the notes. Types of Media Bias

NEXT: Find a pair of articles on the two sources of bias that fill the comment sections of every news article found on the internet.

1. Liberal media bias (what Fox News claims about every other news outlet)

2. Fox News Republican/conservative bias (takes its cues from the GOP)

AP: Ads of the 20s

Coca-Cola Coke

“When all is said and done, advertising…creates a dream world; smiling faces, shining teeth, schoolgirl complexions, cornless feet, perfect fitting [underwear], distinguished collars, wrinkless pants, oderless breath, regularized bowels,…charging motors, punctureless tires, perfect busts, shimmering shanks, self-washing dishes, and backs behind which the moon was meant to rise.”

Watergate: Explain it to me


One of hardest things to do is explain something complex in a way that everyone can get. Watergate is that topic for me. There are wiretaps, reporters, secret tapes, Cubans, plumbers, a mysterious source, even a guy named Archibald.

I want you to try to give the best – and shortest – possible description of the Watergate scandal that forced president Nixon to resign.

Here is the first sentence: It all started with a botched attempt to bug the headquarters of the Democratic Party.

Here are the key names and terms
Washington Post and reporters who covered the story
Watergate hotel
CREEP: committee to reelect the president
Role of unnamed source a.k.a. Deep throat
Senate investigation
The secret tapes
U.S. v. Nixon
Nixon resigns before impeachment