AP: Ch. 27-30 Study Guide

Imperialism: Ch. 27

Reasons for expansion during the period

Causes of the Spanish-American War

Results of of the SA War

Problems of occupying the Philippines

TR: Panama Canal, Roosevelt Corollary, moving past isolationism

Taft, Dollar Diplomacy/investing in Latin American

Open Door Policy in China

Progressive Era

Web that describes the period

Middle ground b/t two extremes, more democratic

Muckraking of the period

TR and Trusts

TR’s Square Deal: things in his presidency that were included in this

Democratic Reforms of period: referendums, initiatives, recalls

Things progressives tried to reform

Prohibition Movement

Suffrage Movement

Wilson’s first term reforms: Currency (federal reserve), Trusts, Tariffs

1912 election: Wilson, TR, Taft

Populist influence on Progressive Era


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