AP: “Killing Kennedy” book review

This is a book review that I wouldn’t recommend writing in a chronological fashion, mainly because the story is familiar and doesn’t distinguish the book from hundreds that have said the same thing.

The paper can begin with a brief overview of the book and address what you saw as the strengths and weaknesses of the book. The body of the review can take one of three forms

Look at what is happening inside and outside the White House. By this I mean how are JFK and others dealing with the major events of the early 1960s, the internal conflicts and crisis, JFK and Jackie’s personal life. By outside I mean Oswald, the events in Birmingham, Vietnam, etc.

Look at the major figures from the book. Describe their lives, what you learned about them, how they fit into the story of the Kennedy years. What surprises you about them? Who is treated unfairly, who gets favored? Do the authors give us an idea of who they liked from the period?

The personal and the public. This is a book that moves between private moments and major events. Talk about each and discuss how they overlap.

No matter how you choose to write the review. It has to reflect your thoughts on the book. Details and subject, not good or bad


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