Month: March 2013

AP: Topic Outlines for AP Exam

Topic Outlines for AP Exam

These are great for the review we will be doing at the end of April. We can take a look at a couple of these each day. If you want them printed, pool your resources and buy a pack or two of paper.


Am. Gov. Current Event 3-25

Supreme Court to hear two cases that could redefine marriage in U.S.

What are the pieces of legislation that the court will hear cases in regards to?

Why is Prop 8 considered more important? Why could it change?

John Eastman of an anti-gay marriage group is quoted in the story. What argument does he present?

Reading from “Many courtwatchers believe Kennedy and…” How does the article say the court will most likely rule on the cases

What would happen to the voter-approved bans on gay marriage several states (TN included) have passed?

Where is public opinion on the issue, according to the article?

*Supporters consider this a rights issue (similar to voting and equal opportunity), while opponents view it as a moral issue (traditional family, values). Explain how you think the issue will be resolved in the future and whether you believe there is a compromise to satisfy both sides.

Am. Gov. Current Events

NRA, guns, Kentucky

Gun Control Bill Drops Assault Weapons Ban; Background Checks Pushed

Tell me the following from the first two paragraph: What has been taken out of the proposed law and why? What started the latest round of gun control talk?

Next read through the next few paragraphs: What are Universal background checks? What are these hoping to curb or prevent? How would these checks work?

In the next to last paragraph: Explain the fear that some groups have that this could be used to confiscate guns.

In the last paragraph: What does this paragraph say about the percentage of crimes committed with guns and how this check could help reduce that?

The Cash Register is on the way out

Let’s make this short and to the point: What are lots of major retailers starting to do? Why is this potentially  good for stores and shoppers? What do you think about the idea? Do you think this will make shopping easier or that could lead to more problems, delays, and confusion?

Am. Gov. Current Event

The standard 7-Eleven Gulp Scale for fountain drinks!

Judge halts ban on sugary drinks in NYC

Tell me about the proposed ban in NYC. Is it all drinks? A certain size? I honestly don’t know. I’m assuming the bladder busters they sell at the Dodge’s Store for $.99 are out. Is this going too far? Do people need the government to step in and limit what they can buy?

Mississippi Anti-Bloomberg Bill

Explain what Mississippi is doing on the same topic. Considering no one was trying to ban drinks in Miss the law seems a little unnecessary. Who does the governor believe is responsible for making a person’s diet decisions?

AP: WWII study guide

Big test. Lots of information. Take extra time to review the notes. Here are the ID topics:
Pre-U.S. involvement
Munich Pact
‘phony war’
Cash & Carry
WWII Alliances
Neutrality Acts
Spanish Civil War
Winston Churchill
Josef Stalin

Identification: 11 of the following items:
Post-U.S. involvement
Bataan Death March
Manhattan Project
Oak Ridge, TN
Leo Szilard
Robert Oppenheimer
A. Phillip Randolph
‘Code Talkers’
St. Louis Affair
Zoot-Suit Riot
Tuskegee Airmen
Korematsu v. U.S.
Battle of the Bulge
Harry Truman
U.S. knowledge of holocaust