AP: WWII reading note

Ch. 34 The Shadow of War (800-805)

1) The London Conference

a) purpose of Conference

b) FDR bombshell announcement

2) The Philippines

a) the reasons for leaving it

b) what we kept

c) why wanted out of Philippines

3) Recognizing the Soviet Union

4) Improving Relations with Latin American

a) Good Neighbor Policy

b) Changing relations w/ region

c) How this related to war worries

5) The Dictators of Europe and Asia

a) Stalin

b) Hitler

c) Tripartite pact

d) Mussolini

6) Reasons for US isolation feelings

a) Congress Legislates Neutrality

b) Nye Committee “merchants of death”

c) explain neutrality

d) how differed from WWI

7) Spanish Civil War

a) Francisco Franco

b) Who supported each side

c) Why we didn’t do more

d) Importance of CW

8) Appeasing Germany and Japan

a) Panay incident

b) German expansion

c) Sudetenland

d) Munich Conference

9) Hitler-Stalin

a) What alliance meant for each

b) Start of WWII (event)

c) Cash and carry

10) Destroyers for bases deal

11) 1940 Election

a) the unprecedented third term

b) Results

12) Lend-Lease

a) explain the deal

b) kind of like borrowed chewing gum

c) what it meant for neutrality?

13) Invasion of Soviet Union

a) reason for invasion

b) US aid

14) Atlantic Conference

a) who met?

b) subject of talks

15) US clash w/ Nazi subs

a) wolfpacks

b) convoys

c) Reuben James

16. Pearl Harbor

a) Japan’s dependence on US supplies

b) Embargoes

c) cracking Japanese code

d) where we thought the attack would come


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