Am. Gov. Current Events

NRA, guns, Kentucky

Gun Control Bill Drops Assault Weapons Ban; Background Checks Pushed

Tell me the following from the first two paragraph: What has been taken out of the proposed law and why? What started the latest round of gun control talk?

Next read through the next few paragraphs: What are Universal background checks? What are these hoping to curb or prevent? How would these checks work?

In the next to last paragraph: Explain the fear that some groups have that this could be used to confiscate guns.

In the last paragraph: What does this paragraph say about the percentage of crimes committed with guns and how this check could help reduce that?

The Cash Register is on the way out

Let’s make this short and to the point: What are lots of major retailers starting to do? Why is this potentially¬† good for stores and shoppers? What do you think about the idea? Do you think this will make shopping easier or that could lead to more problems, delays, and confusion?


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