Month: August 2013

AP: Reading Notes

I will update this with the rest of chapter 5 tomorrow. These go through discussion of the Great Awakening. Time to read some “your bad and Hell is hot” sermons.
America’s “lusty” population & its location, German immigration, The Scots-Irish: thank you for Andrew Jackson and Dale Earnhardt, Paxton Boys, diverse populations (88),
Colonial Society (pg. 89-90): openness, fears of “Europeanization,” New England Problems, Southern problems, slave pop. and halting slave trade.

Priests, doctors, and lawyers (p. 90-91), French Caribbean (93)


AP: study guide

I’m sorry that I had to be out today, an emergency that I didn’t see coming. Hilarious but in foreseen. Today I want you to finish reading chapter 4 and complete your essay. Tomorrow we will have a study day.

AP: Barbados document assignment

Documents are one of the hardest parts of class. Antique words and phrasing that give them the feel of a foreign language. But what they do is give you a first hand look at life in a period in a way that I can’t convey. The two documents are accounts of a young boy taken to Barbados and the captain of a slave ship who made numerous voyages from Africa to the West Indies.

Assignment: tell me about the two men you read about on pages 21 & 74 of the reader. Tell me what this does for your understanding of the period, if it provides a narrative, a face to what was information in a textbook.

Geography: Hyperloop

CNN story on hyperloop

Fox New story on hyperloop

Could Hyperloop really cost $6 billion? Critics say

Would the Hyperloop be safe?

Read the stories above and provide a short summary of what you learned about the proposed high-speed train. (1/2 page)

What do you think about the idea of high-speed rail being used for travel between major cities? What would be some of the benefits or problems with building rail systems?