UTM: Study Guide Final (update)

Here is the writing section of the final exam. Choose 3 of the 4 to write on. These need to be addressed in a detailed paragraph or more (usually about a page for me to feel like I got what I needed on the page.

Describe the events of 11-22-63 and the evidence that was presented on the long bullet theory and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Throughout the lecture on the 60s, TV was referenced as a major influence on shaping events and opinion. Describe its role in the decade.

The two goals of the early civil rights movement were voting rights and ending segregation. Explain how the movement used grassroots activism and the federal government (courts, congress) to achieve those goals

American involvement in Vietnam spanned at least five presidencies (I feel like TR may have even had a role) and divided the country, leaving scars for more than a generation. Briefly explain the origins of American involvement, the struggles of fighting the war, and the opposition to the war that grew at home.

Here is the breakdown of multiple choice questions for the exam. All of these questions will be selected from material covered in class lectures. These will not be difficult questions. My advice is to read back over the answers from quiz 3 and review the notes from the last two classes. WWII: 5 questions, 50s @ home = 3, 50s Cold War = 3, JFK years = 4, Civil Rights = 5, Vietnam = 5



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