Thomas Paine: Common Sense and Colonial Reaction

One of the problems with reading documents from the Revolutionary Period is the effort writers took to sound “informed” and “reasoned” and “educated” and “literate.” The modern world doesn’t have time for such luxuries. Information has to be concise, questionable accurate, simplistic and inflammatory. This is why we have Twitter. Let’s give the revolutionary debate a dose of modernity.

I have given you three documents: Common Sense, as well as praise and criticism of the pamphlet. I want you turn the information in the documents into Twitter posts. Accurately summarize into a post each of the sections of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense #Paine. Then do the same for the document praising it #Liberty! and the one attacking it #Loyality.

common sense excerpt

Praise for common sense

Crack-brained zealot


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