Month: October 2013

Geography: ‘skeleton lady’ popularity crosses border

skeleton lady day of the dead

Take a look at the following story relating to ‘Day of the Dead,’ a Mexican festival that coincides with Halloween, with fewer children dressed as Iron Man. Look from Day of the Dead gains popularity After you read the story, feel free to look at some of the photos at the bottom. Worth your time. Then write a short summary that includes the following points from the story: What is this? Examples of this being a trend in the US and why, the origin of the Cantrina makeup and how it relates to Mexico’s past.


Geography: Protest in run up to World Cup ’14

Young boys play football on the streets of a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Read the article listed below about the issues (and there have been many) for Brazil in the run up to next summer’s World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. Protests, delays hinder Brazil’s World Cup preparation  In your summary, make note of any issues mentioned with Brazil’s efforts to put on the games and why its citizens have protested the money spent on the World Cup.

AP: study guide ch. 11-13 test

ID:Corrupt bargain; Modern elements of Jackson’s campaigns (good and bad); Nullification; Indian removal; Bank War: veto, why AJ opposed, what he did, consequences

Things to Know:
MO Comp., Battle of New Orleans, JQA, Internal improvements: southern opposition; American System; Clay; SC and the Tariff; Calhoun; How tariff issue was resolved; Whig party; Mandate; John Marshall; McCulloch v. Maryland; Marbury v. Madison; Gen. Jackson and Florida; Political split; Tecumseh; War of 1812: general way, importance to US; Horseshoe Bend; Monroe Doctrine; LA purchase (ch. 11); Embargo; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions: which issue of Jackson era do these apply to?

AP: ‘American Lion’ extra credit discussion

This is something that I’m going to try with ‘American Lion’ and see if it gets a good reception. I’m going to allow you the chance to earn extra credit to be applied to you worst grade. In order to get the points you have to participate in a book discussion of the excerpt. It will be an informal (with snacks) chance for us to talk about the role a turbulent personal life played in shaping Jackson’s presidency.

Here are the questions we will try to touch on ‘American Lion’ discussion questions

AP: Petty Eaton Affair (not with Jackson)

I have made a change to the Andrew Jackson reading. Instead of requiring you read and excerpt from “American Lion,” I have posted an article on the scandal that dominated Washington. peggy eaton

Instead if giving you questions on the reading we will use it for a writing practice on Monday. Be sure you understand the importance of this episode and why Jackson handled the way he did. This is a great example of the personal nature of politics for Jackson.

AP: Reading Notes on Jackson

Contrast b/t Jackson and past presidents
In defense of the spoils system
problems of the spoils system
“Tariff of Abominations” winners & losers, relations to slavery
South Carolina Exposition
Denmark Vesey
Nullification fight: Jackson’s response, Clay’s role, resolution
Indian Removal: Five Civilized Tribes, Cherokee & Supreme Court, fighting removal