AP: Tuesday’s Assignment

I want you to read through chapter 11 on the Jefferson period. We will not be spending any real time on the chapters.

Complete reading notes on the following topics: the mudslingling during the 1800 campaign, electoral college troubles, “revolution of 1800”, Jeffersonian restrain in office, Marbury v. Madison and judicial review, Jefferson’s pirate war, *Louisiana*, Lewis and Clark, Aaron Burr conspiracy and duel, Jefferson’s awful second term: Napoleon’s war with Britain, Chesapeake incident, the awful embargo and slightly less awful non-intercourse act (which also sounds dirty but isn’t), macon’s bill no. 2, “war hawks”, Tecumseh and the Profit, Tippecanoe, Andrew Jackson and Horsebend (horrible event we will learn more about later), Mr. Madison’s War (an ill-conceived, divisive and unnecessary war)


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