Month: November 2013

AP: reading on pg. 276-277, 375-389

I want you to create a two-page summary of this section on manifest destiny and the Mexican War. I will replace up to two zeros for a quality product. Here are the key topics in the reading: Texas, Oregon, Polk, Mexican War.


Dallas 11-22-63: It was Oslwald…and only Oswald

Picture of President Kennedy in the limousine in Dallas, Texas,

Before we watch “Killing Kennedy” I want you do a bit of background reading on the JFK assassination. There are so many reasons why the Kennedy still has such a hold on our country. At the heart of the fascination is conspiracy, the unresolved feeling there great forces at work, not just the bullet of a sad man who failed at life. Here is why none of the theories hold up. Killing Conspiracy

In a summary that tells me what you learned about the assassination be sure to include the following: the magic bullet, John Connally, Warren Report, Dealey Plaza, book depository, Zapruder film, the grassy knoll, the appeal of conspiracies, linking the killing to the mafia or CIA.

AP: topics for ch. 16 quiz

You will be answering five questions on these six topics listed below.
1)King Cotton: how the crop changed slavery, land in the south, fueled expansion and the us economy
2) religion: it’s role in slave culture, as a defense of slavery, and influence on abolition
3) the levels of white society in the south: #s of people in each! who held slaves! geography of slavery
4) free blacks: black abolitionists like Frederick Douglass, life in the north/south, how many
5) treat,met of slaves: hardships of slavery for both men and women
6) resistance: notable examples, why so few slave revolts, southern paranoia, other ways of passive resistance
7) the southern aristocracy: mint juleps, chivalry, and some big ole dresses…and a system of bondage that it wanted to ensure

Geography: French ban of Islamic veil

A woman attends a rally to condemn France's ban imposed on the burqa or veil, on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 in Karachi, Pakistan. (AP/Shakil Adil)

This is story from last summer about a night of violence that resulted when a woman was ticketed for wearing a banned Islamic veil. One of the major conflicts in the area has been the clash between a growing Muslim population and a secular French culture.

Assignment: (1) tell me what happened, (2) tell me about the type of clothing banned, (3) what do you think are some of the reasons why this type of clothing would be banned? (4) tell me your opinion of the government doing this. It should be noted that all religious symbols are banned from French public schools. Feel free to touch on that.

Geography: European Soccer Please Explain

Here is the link to a site that will help you European Soccer for Americans. This is just complicated and confusion to the American mind. There are transfers, numerous leagues, relegation, transfers among other things that leave you wondering why they don’t just NFL the whole thing. Do your best to explain the way leagues are structured, the major teams, and any of the other points mentioned.

Geography: Guy Fawkes Day & the symbol of protest

Here is the shortest, most mobile-friendly story I could find about yesterday’s Guy Fawkes celebrations in London. Protest groups have adopted the mask (probably because it scares me). England’s Guy Fawkes and Unlikely Face of Global Protest Definitely look through the photos and give me a summary of the day’s history, how Londoners celebrate the day, and tell me some of the major protest movements that have adopted the image.