AP: topics for ch. 16 quiz

You will be answering five questions on these six topics listed below.
1)King Cotton: how the crop changed slavery, land in the south, fueled expansion and the us economy
2) religion: it’s role in slave culture, as a defense of slavery, and influence on abolition
3) the levels of white society in the south: #s of people in each! who held slaves! geography of slavery
4) free blacks: black abolitionists like Frederick Douglass, life in the north/south, how many
5) treat,met of slaves: hardships of slavery for both men and women
6) resistance: notable examples, why so few slave revolts, southern paranoia, other ways of passive resistance
7) the southern aristocracy: mint juleps, chivalry, and some big ole dresses…and a system of bondage that it wanted to ensure


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