Month: February 2014

AP: Pardon of Scottsboro Boys…80 years later


Overview of Scottsboro Boys Trial

NY Times articles from the period

Alabama pardons 3 of ‘Scottsboro Boys’ 80 years later

Comparing Scottsboro and “To Kill a Mockingbird”


Am. Gov. Current Events 2/20

Early figures on tax revenue from pot sales in Colorado In addition to a short summary on the story, I want you to tell me what you think about this as a way for states to raise money and what problems states that legalize marijuana could face.

Meet the nerds from the CBO that are crushing the White House plans In you summary, explain what the Congressional Budget Office does and what it has released on the issues of Obamacare and raising the minimum wage.

Am. Gov. Tea Party Explain it to me

It’s time to use Google and do some wondering around the internet. The Tea Party movement has played a serious role in Republican politics since 2009, given the party a dose of division and discord that was once reserved for the Democratic Party.

In 1 page I want you to tell me the following: (a) what do they believe in? (b) what issues have it supporters focused on? (c) there was a scandal with the IRS, what was that about? (d) who does the Tea Party want to be the Republican nominee in 2016?

Here are some sites that will help

Tea Party Supporters: who they are and what they believe

Overview of Tea Party Movement

What is the Tea Party

Britannica entry on Tea Party Movement

Support in 2016 Presidential election