Current Events: 2/10 – 2/14

Tennessee Bombing It’s a heavy day in Tennessee news. Tell me what I need to know about this story in 4-5 sentences.

Chattanooga VW Plant to vote on union Tell me a little bit about what is happening and why some many major players in Tennessee politics are trying to stop workers at this plant from unionizing.

Here is what pilots make. Every one who reads this is surprised. I want you to read the story, tell me a little bit about it and why this could be a problem.

Jury out on loud music murder trial. Before reading this story we are going to go over what Stand Your Ground laws are. After this, I want you to read the story, provide a short summary and tell me what you think about the law, plus the positives and negatives that can come from it.

U.S. suspect and possible drone strike We just finished talking about the rights you have if accused of a crime. What about if that person is a terror suspect in a foreign country? Do those rights still apply? I want you to briefly summarize the story and then write on this topic: Should the same rules apply to all crimes or is being a terror suspect something different altogether? 

NFL draft prospect Michael Sam says he’s gay The NFL is the most important (and richest) entity in American sports, and culture for that matter. Couple that with one of the largest social issues of the day and you have a major story. This is a story that anyone that follows sports could have predicted. The details just had to be filled in. Briefly summarize the story and then write on these topics: What issues (if any) do you see for Sam, his teammates, and the team that drafts him? Do you think skill will trump any concerns? Do you see this being a major story when the NFL resumes or something that will be largely forgotten in a month?


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