AP: Reading Notes World War I

Use the comments section if you ever need to get in touch with me. It pops up on my phone. The Ch. 27-30 test will include the lead up to the war and U.S. involvement. In 1 page, create reading notes for World War I. These are the big topics to pull from period (1914-1919). We are going to put much of the social issues that dominated the U.S. in the late teens (flu that killed 600,000, thousands of strikes, terrorist attacks, race riots in major cities) in our look at the 1920s. 

1)      Chapter 29

a)      Wilson and Revolution in Mexico

b)      Neutrality

c)       America Earns blood money

i)        U-boats

ii)       Lusitania

iii)     Sussex Pledge

d)      “He kept us out of war” Wilson’s reelection

2)      Chapter 30

a)      War acts by Germany

b)      Zimmerman Telegram

c)       Wilson’s 14 Points

d)      George Creel

e)      Espionage and Sedition Acts (sound familiar?


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