Am. Gov: Electoral College so far…

End of class writing (leave it in the comment box) Describe the process of electing a president, including some of the many issues with our system.



  1. People vote then electoral college voters vote from that state most of the time electoral college votes line up with popular vote from the state. Some of the problems with this is winner take all someone can lose by one vote, or they get the most votes and still lose. Another problem is candidates focus on swing states when campaigning.

  2. Each state has there own number of Electoral College votes based on the number of people that state has in Congress. Those votes are awarded in a winner-take-all format. To win the election you must get 270 votes. If no one gets 270, the House will chose the president.
    Some problems occur through the Electoral College. One would be that you can get the most popular votes and still lose the Electoral votes. Also, there is no room for 3rd parties. Another is how candidates only really focus on swing states.

  3. Electing a president goes though many steps electoral college is one and we have not got rid of the EC because it don’t bother the election and president spent more money in swing state’s because there evenly split between D&R.

  4. The length doesn’t get any longer than 20 months. They can get really expensive the last election was 2billion. The u.s never had popular vots wins. If neither get 270 the house of repsentatives will choose.swing states combination of being evenly divided between d@r and size.

  5. A general election lasts approximately 20 minutes. An election is expensive as well. Popular votes never win. It goes popular vote–> electoral vote–> pres.

    People do not cast votes DIRECTLY for president. Votes go to electoral college voters who then vote for president. The electoral college was put in the constitution as a safeguard.

    How the electoral vote works:
    • Every state gets a set #
    • The numbers are acquired by adding up the # of people a state has in congress.
    • Electoral voters are awarded winner-take-all
    • A candidate needs 270 votes to win
    • If neither candidate receives a 270, the house will decide who is president

    Swing states usually decide elections. People do not spend money in places that they know they can’t win.

  6. No county has longer elections than the U.S., which last a minimum of 20 months. The election are also very expensive and the price of elections keep growing. Also, popular votes do NOT decide the elections. The votes go toward to the Electoral College, the middle man, which then go toward the president. The Electoral College was put into the constitution as a safe guard. You would need 270 Electoral College votes to win. The effects of the Electoral College are that it changed the way that candidates campaign, change the focus of time, and money. Since we have Electoral College votes, the size of the states do not matter. Swing States are something that matter. The Swing States decide elections. Some examples are: Ohio and Florida. So just a handful of states can decide the election.

  7. The process of electing a president is first each party has to vote for one person to run for president. Each person has to start a campaign and the public votes for a president. But in reality the peoples vote doesn’t really count because our vote goes toward the Electoral College then they vote for a president.

  8. General election is normally longer than any other states. It normally last around 20 months. In the electoral college, popular votes does not decide the election. In electral college, you get the number of votes by adding up the number of people a state has in it’s congress. Each state has 2 senators. You need 270 to win. If neither has 270 then the house decides who is president. The EC kinda matters. Swings states can either go one way or another. Examples of this is, Ohioh and Flordia.

  9. The popular votes goes through the Electoral college voters, and it goes to the President. People do not directly to President. Votes go toward election of Electoral college voters who then cast votes for president.

  10. The process of electing a president starts with length, expense, and campaigning. The president is always campaigning looking for the next candidate. Popular votes does not win elections. We need to it, because the fear of the public electing someone unfit to fun the country. How it works is that each state gets set number of EC voters. They get the number by adding up number of people a state has in Congress. If neither candidate gets 270 votes, the House Of Representatives decides. The size of state does NOT guarantee influence. Size and evenly split between R&D means influence. Swing states: decide elections. Problems with EC is that you can get more votes and still lose. The candidate focuses almost exclusively on swing state.

  11. To become a president you first have to go through the Electoral College elections. The popular votes do not always win. Elections last a long time,they are very expensive, and campaigns never end. The winner of the democratic and republican parties during the electoral college elections are the candidates that run for president. You can get most of the votes and still lose, it’s a winner-take-all, and swing states are the main focus for these candidates.

  12. Jacob coleman
    even in an election if the president gets the most votes he may not win the election. the electoral college always reflects the popular vote. for a president to win he has to get the magic number ,270 votes to win

  13. how it works (e.c votes)

    -each state gets set #
    -add #of people state has in congress
    -need 270 to win.

    problems of e.c
    can get most votes and lose
    winner -take it all

  14. Votes go toward election of electoral college voters who then cast voted for president. Elite group could step in, choose president. They fear the public picking someone unfit to be the president. They need 270 electoral votes to win.

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