Month: April 2014

AP: Essay Practice


See what you can come up with:

The media and average citizens can bring about major change in American society. Describe the role each played in creating change during two separate  decades of the 20th century.



Am. Gov. Current Event Donald Sterling (update)

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

If your a sports fan, this story is two days into its cycle. For probably all of you this is the first you have heard of it. Billionaire The Los Angeles Clippers’ (NBA team) owner is accused of laying down some Jim Crow-era racial views to his very young girlfriend. TMZ got the recordings. America is talking about race.

Here are two stories to help get familiar

Story 1 

Story 2

Use these two stories to put together about a 1/2 to 3/4 page summary of this story.

THEN respond to the following: I have heard talk of everything from forcing this guy to sell the team to suspending him from all of the remaining games to fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is being an old racist something that is punishable?  Do you think he should be punished for what he said?  For that matter do you think a league/business should have the power to do such a thing?

Below is the story the officially resolves the Donald Sterling story. Complete a current event in the standard format on this story. BAN ANNOUNCED

AP: Presidential Failures Reading

Here are the scans for the chapters you requested. I decided to do two days of discussion after school. The topic is going to be: making the case for the worst mistake in modern presidential history.

We will do it this Thursday (can change to next Thursday if needed) and next Tuesday.

bay of pigs invasion

bombing cambodia

tonkin gulf resolution

japanese internment


iraq war

iran contra

AP: Ch. 39 Reading guide

I’m sick. I gave you the reading guide to the chapter on the late 60s and 70s. Work on it in class. I would like it finished by class Wednesday. Tomorrow you will be watching “1968.” You will like it. I’m sorry that I’m not there for you guys. I know we don’t have a lot of days left and I hate to miss spending time with you.

Feel free to check out the readings in the top post.

Am. Gov. Current Events 4/16 & 4/17

Got a wide range of topics: concussions, sports, gun rights, religion, marijuana usage. Has to be something of interest in this diverse bag of stories. Complete TWO summaries in the format that I showed you earlier. THEN respond to the question below the the stories you chose.

Democrats abandon hopes of new gun laws in face of midterm elections

If you could write the laws on guns in America (who had access, what kinds, etc), what would they be?

Separation between church and football in South Carolina

Should coaches be able to do what the Clemson coaches have allegedly done?

New helmet technology hopes to reduce head injuries

Knowing the risks of concussions from football, do you think more parents will be hesitant to let their kids play?

Study on brain changes from pot use

How do you feel about state’s like Colorado legalizing the drug? Pros and cons.

AP: Ch. 37-38 Study Guide

Here is a list of ID topics. As long as you read through the work from the last couple of weeks and prepare for the IDs you will be fine.

I will have a list of people, places, and events for the 20 matching questions. There will be about 25-30 to choose from. This shouldn’t be a problem.

Early goals & events of civil rights; Impeach Earl Warren; Brown case and Little Rock Nine; Cuba and the Cold War; Birmingham’s role in civil rights; Johnson’s war; Kennedy & Vietnam; The Power of TV and examples; McDonald’s and other symbols of conformity from 1950s; The Great Society; Freedom Summer; Sen. Joseph McCarthy and Second Red Scare; Eisenhower and the Cold War