Am. Gov. Current Events 4/16 & 4/17

Got a wide range of topics: concussions, sports, gun rights, religion, marijuana usage. Has to be something of interest in this diverse bag of stories. Complete TWO summaries in the format that I showed you earlier. THEN respond to the question below the the stories you chose.

Democrats abandon hopes of new gun laws in face of midterm elections

If you could write the laws on guns in America (who had access, what kinds, etc), what would they be?

Separation between church and football in South Carolina

Should coaches be able to do what the Clemson coaches have allegedly done?

New helmet technology hopes to reduce head injuries

Knowing the risks of concussions from football, do you think more parents will be hesitant to let their kids play?

Study on brain changes from pot use

How do you feel about state’s like Colorado legalizing the drug? Pros and cons.


One comment

  1. The study talks about how pot doesn’t have addictive qualities, or can cause brain damage. But, the test subjects were in moderation. Most of them smoked anywhere from four to eleven joints a week. The way i took the reading, pot is okay to use with regulation.

    Tristan Barnes

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