Month: May 2014

AP Exam

Let me know how the exam went. I know you did fantastic. I’m thankful for every day I was able to spend with you. Never use the word surreal, always containment, know your algebra, and bear down (or fat dog).


Am. Gov. Problems with the Primaries


There are obviously calls to change a primary system as wonderfully flawed as ours. Here is one of the most logical (doesn’t mean it will ever happen) solutions to our primaries Answer the following: (1) What’s wrong now, (2) what issue does the author have with Super Tuesday, (3) how does this plan work, (4) would it solve the problem of balancing influence between big/small states?

Am. Gov. Benghazi Attacks…an issue that never rests



The Benghazi attacks refers to a terrorist attack on an American embassy in Libya that happened just before Obama’s reelection in 2012. Opponents of Obama have doggedly maintained that the White House deliberately put out misleading information on the attack and could have done more to prevent Americans from being killed. It’s election time and that means this story is back.

CBS page on Benghazi

House set to approve Benghazi investigation
Current Event on Benghazi

Using the videos and the current event tell me the following: (a) What actions did congress start this week in regards to Benghazi? (b) What role did an email play and what does the email suggest the White House did? (c) Being an election year, what could Republicans gain from this investigation?