DUAL: Quiz #2 Study Guide


This is going to be a running list of topics for the ID section of the second quiz. I will update it in the next few days.The layout of the quiz will be the same as the first, with the only difference being that I may add a second political cartoon: one will be on TR, the other possibly on the Spanish-American War.

Below is a list of topics. I’m going to try go for broad topics that allow you to bring a variety of information to the answer. This also means you will have to bring CONCRETE/SPECIFIC information to the answers

Ex. Women and the Progressive Era.

Good Ans. Role in Journalism, Suffrage, Temperance, idea of maternal reform and separate spheres, women like Jane Addams, Ida Tarbell, suffragettes picketing the White House, more education for women producing a desire to improve society.

Here are the ID topics

  1. Broad explanation of what Progressive Era was
  2. Women and the issues of prohibition and suffrage
  3. Significance of muckraking journalism
  4. TR on trusts/big business and government
  5. TR and consumer protection: including role of “The Jungle”
  6. Anthracite Coal Mine Strike
  7. Significance of Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: women, cities, regulation
  8. 1912 Election
  9. Making government more democratic: election of senators, direct primaries, referendums and initiatives, etc.
  10. TR and Latin America: Panama Canal (including how it was acquired)
  11. TR and Latin America: Roosevelt Corollary/Big Stick Diplomacy (U.S. as police power in region)
  12. Yellow Journalism: Hearst and Pulitzer
  13. Causes for involvement in Spanish-American War: Cuban situation, newspapers, The Maine
  14. Philippines and Spanish-American War
  15. Reasons for American Imperialism in late 1890s: Markets, Military (writing of AT Mahan), spreading of culture
  16. Gentlemen’s Agreement

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