Geography: Readings on Latin America

Protesters march with pictures of the missing students during a demonstration in Mexico City (8 October 2014)

Answer the questions on the board using the following articles.

Mexico Missing Students; Nationwide Protest Held

1. Sum up what this story is about using the first 6-7 sentences of the piece.

2. Describe the event that took place involving police shooting at students prior to students’ disappearance.

3. What is some of the speculation about why these students were targeted?

More and More Cuban Baseball Players Trying to Defect

1. What is happening to baseball on the island of Cuba?

2. What have Cuban players had to do in order to play baseball in places like the U.S.?

3. How do the salaries of players who are LEGALLY playing outside of Cuba compare with those who have defected like Yasiel Puig and Jose Abreu?

4. At the end of the story, how does it say many players get out of Cuba?

Texas Schools Struggle with Immigrant Students

1. Describe the changes taking place in the number of immigrants enrolling in schools and what districts are having to do.

2. Describe the recent surge in the immigration of unaccompanied minors, including things like the numbers of kids, why they fled their countries, and where most are living today.

3. What has been the reaction in cities like Houston? What does the Republican congressmen feel this will lead to?


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