Month: November 2014

DUAL: Study Guide Quiz 4


Be careful in college. This could be you. Study Guide is below. We will talk about it this week.

study guide quiz 4


DUAL: Kennedy Assassination Documentary

Get your tin foil hats polished up and come out of mom and dad’s basement for our Pre-Thanksgiving/not quite Nov. 22/Breakfast Discussion of the Kennedy Assassination and the conspiracy theories surrounding the shooting.

Here are the instructions:

1. Read over the articles I have linked to at the bottom. Pick one of theories, whichever one gets your interest. I would go with LBJ. You saw him grab that beagle by the ears. Who knows what he was capable of?

2. Research it. By that I mean prowl around the internet. Be prepared to present it. Bring some photos. Maybe some of that red string that helps people on TV solve cases. Create a chart. Build a case. Do something to warrant me giving you extra credit and buying you breakfast.

3. On Friday, spend the first 1/2 hour talking with people chose the same conspiracy theory as you. Then you all will present this thing to the rest of the group. It will be everyone else’s job to poke holes in the theory.

Who shot JFK? 6 Conspiracy theories

Top 5 Kennedy Assassination Theories

10 Persistent Kennedy Assassination Theories

Kennedy Assassination

How Stuff Works: Kennedy Assassination

DUAL: Upfront Readings on Civil Rights and Cuban Revolution


Below are the articles from UPFRONT. I want you to read TWO of these. Be sure that you answers are thoughtful and detailed. I’m looking for quality.

Separate is not equal

Take a look at the photo atop pg. 16. What is your impression? Considering this is photo from 1948, a period on the eve of two decades of prosperity, was that prosperity universal?

There is a quote in the piece to the effect of segregation being from “cradle to grave.” Try to put yourself in their shoes and imagine every step of your life being met with animosity and reminders of your status. How would you have felt? Reacted?

Describe the Southern reaction to the Brown Case.

How did Kennedy’s legacy play into the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? What did the act do?

Cuba 1959

Following Castro’s takeover, what changed the relationship the U.S. had with the revolutionary government?

Describe the Bay of Pigs Fiasco and speculate on why the U.S. wanted Castro out. Does containment play a role?

How was the Cuban Missile Crisis Resolved?

Elaborate on this: Cuba is s country stuck in park until the Castro brothers are gone.

Little Rock Nine

Describe the scene that played out in front of Little Rock H.S.

TV was absolutely critical to the Civil Rights Movement. What do you think seeing events like the integration of a high school did for the rest of America? How do you think these events impacted world opinion of the U.S.?

Gov. Orval Faubus (great name) was the first in a long line of Southern Democratic governors who made a very public stand for segregation. What was the gain from these public declarations against federal intrusions to the Southern way of life? Hint: think about who elected him.

If you look at this event from the perspective of the late 1950s, who wins: those who want change or the status quo?