DUAL Collinwood: “Revolutionary Mothers” Reading Assignment

This will be due Mon. Sept 25

Below are the two excerpts from “Revolution Mothers.” To get us kind of loosened up and in writing mode, I decided to forego the standard questions and instead give you a brief prompt. Use this as a starting point for giving me your impression of the chapter. Your response should be approximately 1-written page.

revolutionary mothers ch. 4

My impression of this chapter was that I can’t think of many instances where a group of people more deserving of compassion where treated with such disdain. Agree? Disagree? Your thoughts?

revolutionary mothers ch. 9

Describe the ways that women were able to aid the Patriot (and Loyalist for that matter) causes during the American Revolution. Who among these women stood out to you? How did being a women serve as an asset?


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