Month: February 2015

DUAL: Revolutionary Characters: Thomas Paine

This is a chapter from a Gordon Woods’ book “Revolutionary Characters.” Not to overstate his importance but most of how this period is viewed and taught comes from his work. Thomas Paine is the because his legacy is unique to that of any other figure. There are no monuments of him, no images on our money, no days out of school. Maybe that what he wrote is still relevant after almost 250 years is monument enough.

Here is the excerpt and questions. We are giving him his day next Monday. I want you to be able to talk about them with your classmates.

thomas paine rev. characters

  1. How would you describe the place of Thomas Paine in relation to the other revolutionary leaders?
  2. Describe his origins. How do you think it shaped him and his writing?
  3. Paine is the definition of a liberal for his day. VERY different from today. What does this mean?
  4. What do we learn about Paine’s view from the ‘The Rights of Man’?

DUAL: HBO’s John Adams “Independence”

Use the writing tips we talked about today to help you answer three of these questions: (worth 25pts.) Must be thoughtful and well prepared.

  1. Contrast the temperament and views of Dickinson and Adams.
  2. How do you think Adams benefited from having Franklin around?
  3. What does Abigail have to cope with during this episode?
  4. How are issues of the rights of women and slaves presented?
  5. How does Dickinson justify his refusal to support independence? What is Adams’ counter?

Am. Gov. Same-Sex Marriage Legal in Alabama (Auburn/Alabama marriages still frowned upon)

Alabama issues same-sex marriage licenses amid judicial chaos

I want you to explain the following after seeing the news clips and listening to the explanation of the Constitutional angle of this story:

What is the basic/need-to-know information about the story?

Why could this be a serious Constitutional issue?

While different, does same-sex marriage have anything in common with events we are studying (civil rights, women’s suffrage)?