Am. Gov. Study Guide

Answer the following:

  1. With which party do you associate the word liberal? Conservative?
  2. What does moderate mean?
  3. What major event started the modern Democratic Party? Who was the president?
  4. What was the New Deal Coalition?
  5. What parts of the New Deal Coalition eventually became Republicans?
  6. Examples of how race divided the Democratic Party?
  7. What was the Southern Strategy?
  8. Explain the role civil rights and the size of government played in the Democratic Party losing control of the South.
  9. Who was the president the modern Republican Party rallied around?
  10. What groups make up the modern Republican Party?
  11. How did Roe v. Wade impact politics?
  12. What parts of the country typically vote Democrat? Republican?
  13. How did the social conservative movement of the 1980s change the way people in middle America voted?

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