Month: May 2015

Am. Gov. Hispanic Vote and the GOP

The Republican party has an Hispanic problem: Republicans need their votes, but many in the party would like to see their family members deported. Tough place to be. Two stories on the topic are below. It’s time for a writing assignment. Start here: Appealing to Hispanic voters will be critical in 2016 Presidential election. 


Am. Gov. The Suffrage Movement

Before we begin class I want you to do a quick background read. The Fight for Women’s Suffrage and upfront suffrage


We’re going to talk about a host of reasons why the suffrage movement was a long-delayed and contentious fight. But why spend hours when a simple photo can tell the story? The challenge to social norms and gender roles. Opponents argued this was just the first step, pretty soon men would be holding babies, doing laundry, OWNING CATS. They were right.

Visions of Early 20th century

Susan B Anthony pummeled and arrested for attempting to vote in 1872. America

The photo is of Susan B. Anthony being attack for trying to vote in the 1870s. While a part of the early women’s suffrage movement, she was not part of a group of men and women who attended the Seneca Falls Convention. We are going to look at the document they approved and put in modern language. Many consider this document the starting point for ratifying the 19th Amendment.