Month: January 2016

DUAL: Reading Notes Quiz #2

I will assign these at the end of class Monday. I want this t-shirt.

ch. 27 reading notes




Am. Gov Study Guide

Cartoon by A.F.Branco - The Shadow Know:

Know how public opinion and politics can limit a president’s power. (today’s notes)

Be able to describe some of the checks on a president’s power that have NOT been effective in limiting a president’s power. (Senate approving treaties, declare war, impeachment, override of vetoes) Monday

Know that congress was intended to be most powerful part of government; describe some of the powers it has over a president. Long time agog

DUAL: Modern-day Muckraking

Here are some  stories from today that are carrying on legacy of journalists like Jacob Riis and Ida Tarbell. These stories are going to be part of a class activity on Friday, Jan. 29. Choose any story you like.

This Is Why NFL Star Greg Hardy Was Arrested For Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend

The Counted: People Killed By the Police in the US

The Price of Nice Nails

The Red Cross Spent Millions in Charity Donations after Storms to Focus on Image