Month: April 2016

Dual: Quiz 4 study guide

I have already posted the terms and some questions that guided us through much of the 1960s. It will be a matching test with IDs that you will explain. Here are some of the topics I would make sure I could explain.

  • Vietnam (background, escalation, opposition)
  • Civil Rights (goals, role of TV, examples of grassroots efforts)
  • The Second Red Scare and Joe McCarthy
  • The growth of suburbs and American economy postwar
  • Containment

I will add a some things from our Post-WWII section (East/West German, Korea, Suburbs, White Flight, etc.) You will do well.


Dual: ESPN 30 for 30 ‘Ghosts of Miss’

I want you to watch the ESPN 30 for 30 that Wright Thompson made about the integration of Ole Miss in the fall of 1962. It’s told from the perspective of a native son looking back on a dark past, set against the backdrop of a football team with national championship aspirations.

It’s available on Netflix. Just search GHOSTS OF OLE MISS. I would suggest watching it on Netflix because of the quality. you can also check it out in the link below.

ASSIGNMENT: I want your reaction to seeing what happened when the symbol of the Old South was integrated. Be honest and forthright. (3/4 to 1pg). I’m still working through my own opinions.