Month: May 2016

Extra Credit Writing Prompt

Choose one of the following:

  1. Hillary Clinton is your guidance counselor and you desperately need her to change your schedule.
  2. You’re planning a party for Ted Cruz in hopes of making him feel better about being a fish monster who lost to a corn dog. The problem: getting people to RSVP.
  3. You must explain to Bernie Sanders how Snapchat works.

Dual: final thoughts

The first day we met I told you that history is not just for the presidents, the powerful, and the winners. The story of a republic is the story of its people. The suffragettes, the steel workers, and sweatshop workers. Their lives are our history. History is not just those at the top. 

Regular people can change the course of society. They are Three boys killed in the Mississippi delta and the lone gunman in the sixth floor window. 

Who will you remember?