Take-home quiz on political parties

  1. I asked you to draw an umbrella in our lesson the beginnings of the modern Democratic party. Describe the party’s origins in the Great Depression and how the umbrella applies.
  2. Barry Goldwater (R) lost — and lost terribly — in the 1964 election. See what I mean…Image result for 1964 election mapBut he was the first Republican to win a Southern state since Reconstruction. Explain the role that events in the 1960s played changing how the South votes.
  3. What impact has Roe v. Wade had on the Republican party and how Evangelicals/Born-Again Christians vote?
  4. Describe the group of voters that elected Ronald Reagan and accounted for only 1 Democratic president being elected between 1980 and 2008. The common thought today is that a Republican can no longer win with just these voters. This may not be the case NY Times story on elections and changing demographics Use FiveThirtyEight’s swing-o-matic to determine how well Trump needs to do with white voters to get elected.
  5. Political cartoons: Choose 1 (felt like we had enough Clinton health cartoons for the week).

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - MCCRORY:

Cartoon by Phil Hands -:



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